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So who am I to hand out such sage wisdom? Who indeed!

I’m no one special: not a guru or thought leader, just someone like you, trying to find their way in life. Finding ways that work, and many ways that don’t.

Learning by my mistakes: sometimes making the same mistake many times before the lesson sinks in and I finally understand what life is trying to teach me.

Discovering that being positive brings more benefits and enjoyment to life than being negative, pessimistic, begrudging, angry or jealous ever will.

I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. Hopefully I can help you make fewer mistakes than I’ve made.

I can help you build more life satisfaction, better relationships, and bring joy to the lives of others as well as your own.

I’m still learning. Still making mistakes. Still falling over and picking myself up, time and time again. The learning process is lifelong. Because life is all about learning. Learning about yourself: who you are and how you present that to the world. Learning about others: who they are and how they present that the world. Learning about why we behave in the ways we do. Learning about what we can do to become more aware of our behaviour and how to change the things we’re not happy with.

Learning how to make other people change (hey, that’s a joke – we can’t change others: we can only change our reactions to their behaviour. If you only learn one lesson in life, please let it be this one).

My name is Angie Wilkes.

I have a BSc in Psychology, diplomas in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Body Language (micro-expressions), Stress Management, other qualifications in Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Counselling.

As I lifelong learner I have a myriad of other qualifications and learning, most of which aren’t relevant here but include market research, accounting, digital media, lean management and healthcare.

So……how can I help you become more positive everyday?

Read my blog posts and comment or ask questions.

Read or watch less news (99% of it is negative and written with the sole purpose of producing a negative emotional reaction in you).

Spend some time in nature every day, appreciating the world we live in.

And finally: don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out of here alive!

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