Be More Grateful

Blind Vision

We see, but often we are blind to what is around us.  Today I want you to focus on one thing that you use or see every day.  For exanple, a piece of furniture, an ornament in your home, the cup you drink your coffee from, the cushion you sit on, the ring that you wear, for example.

When we see something everyday, we become blind to it. We forget the joy it gave us when we first had it.  We forget how we used to enjoy using it. We forget that initial joy we had seeing it daily when we first bought it into our house. We take it for granted, now.  All of it.

So take a few moments to re-appreciate the item you chose.   Look at the colour, the shape, feel the texture, notice whether it’s warm or cool, and silently say thanks – to the item that has served you so well, and for the fact that you are fortunate enough to have enough money to buy things, or that you have people who love and care for you so much they give you gifts.

Every day is a gift. 

Everyone in your life is a gift. 

Everything you have and experience is a gift. 

Don’t forget to see what you have and to feel how priviledged you are to have that item in your life, today.

Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash



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