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Everyday Amazing: Grand Canyon Focus

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It’s awe-inspiring: a real visual feast. And one of the things that amazed me most was how close you can go to the edge.

You can stand on the edge. Dangle your toes over the edge. Lean forward and look over the edge, to see the deep and steep drop down. Scary, even if you’re not afraid of heights.
But imagine the focus you have standing on that edge. The concentration on not leaning forward too much, not overbalancing, not moving your feet an inch forward. The concentration of that very moment. And that moment alone.
Now imagine bringing that intense focus to something that you’re doing. Imagine reading an article or chapter in that frame of mind (every word and meaning considered). Imagine eating in that frame of mind (every mouthful tasted, savoured and enjoyed). Imagine walking in that frame of mind (the feeling of your feet hitting the floor, your senses picking up sounds, smells, images that you never noticed before.)
Create micro-moments of hyperawareness in your life every day. Aim to bring hyper-awareness to just one task a day to start. Doing this will build your appreciation for your life and understanding of all that we are fortunate to have.

It’s amazing!

Photo by Jacob Jolibois on Unsplash



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