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Make an Emergency Box

If you sometimes feel low and negative in mood, having an emergency box can really help lift your spirits.

What is an emergency box?
An emergency box is a box that contains some of your favourite things. It can be large or small, depending on what you put into it. And what you put in is entirely up to you.

The contents should be items that make you happy, that will always lift your mood, and fill you with joy.

Suggestions for content:

  • Photos of family or friends,
  • Photos of places that you love
  • Photos from an event that you attended

Choose them carefully – choose ones that make you smile the most when you think of that person or that time.

  • A DVD of a film or TV series that always you really enjoy. If you don’t have DVD’s any more, put a card in with a list of a few of your favourite films and TV series – that way you’ll be able to find one available for streaming. Or how about a family DVD so you can rewatch and recall a time where you had fun as a family?
  • A music CD that makes you happy. If you don’t have CD’s, then make yourself a playlist on Spotify or whatever music streaming service you use (or even collate a music video playlist on YouTube). And put a card in with a reminder of where you can find that list.
  • How about some memorabilia – concert tickets, sport programmes, magazines – anything that invokes good memories for you.
  • Books – put your favourite book in the box. You might not sit and read it straight away, but you will be reminded of how much you enjoyed it just by seeing it there.
  • How about a small toy? Did you used to love a yoyo? Put one in. Colouring or drawing? Put colouring books, drawing pads and paper in there. An old teddy? In he goes!
  • How about a bar of chocolate? Or some sweets? Anything that won’t go off in a hurry!

This is YOUR emergency box and it has to be personal to you. It’s fun making it and adding all the stuff, and it will bring you joy when you are feeling down.

What will you put in your emergency box? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash



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