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They Make Me So Angry….

Do you often find yourself getting angry with others – at what they say, what they do; or at what they don’t say or don’t do?

You’re not alone.

If you’ve been like this for a long time,  you’re probably an expert in finding things to be angry about. You’re waiting for it. Sometimes you intentionally provoke it. 

And maybe sometimes the circle turns inward and you get angry at yourself for getting so angry at others.  

Have I just described you?  

Well, hello there.

Time for a wake up call. No-one makes you angry. No one makes you feel any emotion.  You choose to get annoyed or angry or frustrated at someone else’s behaviour.

You see, in this world, all sorts of people exist.  This is how the world is.  If you can only work or be with your ideal people, you’ll have a problem – you won’t find any.

In all my years, I haven’t found any yet.  Not one.

So you must learn to work with all sorts of people. 

Your life is about you. About how you are.  It doesn’t matter how they are, that’s their choice. But how you are is your choice.  Your way. No matter what they do or say, you can choose how to react.

If you let someone else decide what will happen within you right now, what emotions you will feel – isn’t that a form of enslavement to others? 

You’re  really going to willingly let others decide what happens within you? 

What happens around you, other people decide. But what happens within you should be of your own making. Choosing your own feelings and having the choice of how to react  is a privilege. 

Don’t give that privilege away to others.

Take control of your anger by choosing how to respond. Instead of lashing out in anger, take a deep breath. And another. Then get curious.  Ask yourself – I could respond to this with anger – but what other ways could I respond? Could I view that person with compassion? Could I understand that we all have different perspectives because we have all had different experiences? Could I smile even though I don’t agree? Agree to disagree? Could I just walk away?

You have lots of choices. Getting angry is just one of them.

Choose carefully – but make sure it’s YOU who’s doing the choosing.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash



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