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Put Your Foot In It

When we’re trying to gauge someone’s interest in our conversation, we look at their faces.

Are they looking at us when we’re talking? This can be a good sign. But then some people find it difficult, so their eyes wander. They may love the conversation, but they’re just not showing that with eye contact.

Are they covering a yawn or giving big sighs? That can be a sign that they’re bored, but it may just be that they’re tired, and it’s nothing to do with you or what you’re talking about.

Here’s another way to find out if someone is interested in what you’re saying.

Look at their feet.

Feet don’t lie. Most people are unaware that their feet give off non-verbal messages. They may control other signals closer to their brain, but their feet are too far away to consider whether they are giving out a silent message.

If both feet are pointing at you then chances are they’re engaged with what you’re saying and enjoying the conversation.

If both feet are pointing away? They want to go. Stop talking and see how fast they move!

And if one foot is pointing at you and the other is pointing away? Then they’re preparing to move away. You can often see this happening when their body weight moves from both feet equally to mainly on the foot pointing away. You’ll see the shift of weight – cast a quick glance down that the position of their feet. Take a pause in what you’re saying, and you’ll probably find they’ll interrupt with an excuse to leave.

And don’t forget that this applies to your feet as well. What messages are your feet sending that others may, conciously or subconciously, be picking up on?

Photo by Max Liao on Unsplash



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