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    Everyday Amazing: Paying Car Insurance

    Doesn’t sound that amazing, does it, having to pay car insurance? The reminder arrives, and you trawl through the comparison sites to find a better deal, because you just know the renewal is always a rip off. I wasted an hour of my time doing just that the other evening. And time is precious. My time is precious, and so is yours. Ain’t nobody got time for that! But then I thought….. Turn it on it’s head: why do I have to pay for car insurance? Because I am fortunate enough to have a car. A car that sits outside my house so anytime day or night I can get in…

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    Everyday Amazing: Cultivate A Sense of Wonder

    Do you enjoy watching magicians, and being astounded when they make something appear or disappear, without you having a clue of how they do it? It’s great to have that feeling of puzzlement and wonder. It delights us and brings us enjoyment as we try to work out just how they did it. Go to YouTube now and find a magician to watch. It may be your favourite magician or one you’ve never seen before. Watch the performance and enjoy the feeling of wonder and delight that develops. Now pick up an object near to you. Any object. Your phone, a mouse, a coaster, a book. Look at that with a…

  • Indoor room with plants, looking out onto a garden
    Everyday Amazing

    Everyday Amazing: Forest Bathing part 2

    What if you don’t live near a forest or wooded area? Can you still get the benefits of forest bathing? Yes you can! If you have a park nearby or a home garden, spend a few minutes or more there every day. Get as close as you can to the plants. See them up close, looking at the shape, colour, design of their leaves and their branches. Touch them. Smell them. Hug a tree (maybe wait until there’s no one watching to do that!) Inhale near to the plants (plants give off oxygen) and exhale at the plants (plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis – so it’s a win-win here) No…

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    Everyday Amazing: Forest Bathing part 1

    A walk in the woods in a great way to end a stressful day. Following a path through the trees, you hear birds calling to each other; rustling as squirrels dart from tree to tree; see sunlight peeping through the leaves at you; and as you take a deep breath you inhale the earthy green scent of trees, plants and moss. Your heartbeat slows and the busy thoughts in your head become less frantic and appear less important at this moment in time. The Japanese have a name for it. Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is based on our human need to be in nature. Research has shown that our nervous systems…

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    Everyday Amazing: Grand Canyon Focus

    Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It’s awe-inspiring: a real visual feast. And one of the things that amazed me most was how close you can go to the edge. You can stand on the edge. Dangle your toes over the edge. Lean forward and look over the edge, to see the deep and steep drop down. Scary, even if you’re not afraid of heights.But imagine the focus you have standing on that edge. The concentration on not leaning forward too much, not overbalancing, not moving your feet an inch forward. The concentration of that very moment. And that moment alone.Now imagine bringing that intense focus to something that you’re doing.…

  • Girl blowing snow off her hands gently
    Everyday Amazing

    Everyday Amazing: A Winter Walk

    Waking up early, you decide to go for a walk.  You pull on your winter clothes –  warm trousers, woolly jumper or sweatshirt on top of a t-shirt to catch the warm air between. Thick socks, long padded coat, sturdy boots, gloves, scarf, hat….and you’re ready to go. You pick up your key and open the door. A blast of cold crisp air greets you, freezing your nose and throat as you take in your first fresh air breath of the day.  The night sky is just being lightened, gently for now, by the rising sun; and in the distance in front of you you see a warm glow developing behind…