Everyday Amazing

Everyday Amazing: Cultivate A Sense of Wonder

Do you enjoy watching magicians, and being astounded when they make something appear or disappear, without you having a clue of how they do it?

It’s great to have that feeling of puzzlement and wonder. It delights us and brings us enjoyment as we try to work out just how they did it.

Go to YouTube now and find a magician to watch. It may be your favourite magician or one you’ve never seen before. Watch the performance and enjoy the feeling of wonder and delight that develops.

Now pick up an object near to you. Any object. Your phone, a mouse, a coaster, a book. Look at that with a sense of wonder – how was that made? Who thought of the design – and how well they thought it through to produce an item that you use every day.

Aim to cultivate that sense of wonder in your life, in all that surrounds you. The chair you sit on, the clothes you wear, the phone or computer you’re using. Everything you have. Lift your head from the screen and just look around you now. How amazing is all that?

By cultivating a sense of wonder you will increase your feelings of gratitude and appreciation for everything you have, everyday.

I told you everyday was amazing!

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash



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