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Everyday Amazing: Forest Bathing part 2

What if you don’t live near a forest or wooded area? Can you still get the benefits of forest bathing?

Yes you can!

If you have a park nearby or a home garden, spend a few minutes or more there every day. Get as close as you can to the plants. See them up close, looking at the shape, colour, design of their leaves and their branches. Touch them. Smell them. Hug a tree (maybe wait until there’s no one watching to do that!) Inhale near to the plants (plants give off oxygen) and exhale at the plants (plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis – so it’s a win-win here)

No garden or nearby park? No worries🙂

Bring the outside in with indoor plants. And when you do go out into nature, collect a few small branches and put them (artfully arranged of course!) into a vase. Use essential oils to fragrance your home: Cedarwood, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca (Tea tree), Myrrh, and both types of Sandalwood all come from trees. As are frankincense and myrrh oil, both of which come from the bark of desert trees, and Ylang Ylang, which comes from the flowers of a tropical tree. You can use the oils in fragrancers, or put a few drops on a lightbulb (one that you use every day obviously). Mix them with a carrier oil and massage them into your skin to carry the forest around with you wherever you go. Breathe the fragrance in deeply to get the most benefit.

So no excuses: make sure you purposefully experience some sort of forest experience every day. Not only will you realise how astonishing beautiful nature is, but you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed after doing so.

It’s amazing everyday!

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash



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