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Everyday Amazing

Everyday Amazing: A Winter Walk

Waking up early, you decide to go for a walk.  You pull on your winter clothes –  warm trousers, woolly jumper or sweatshirt on top of a t-shirt to catch the warm air between. Thick socks, long padded coat, sturdy boots, gloves, scarf, hat….and you’re ready to go.

You pick up your key and open the door. A blast of cold crisp air greets you, freezing your nose and throat as you take in your first fresh air breath of the day. 

The night sky is just being lightened, gently for now, by the rising sun; and in the distance in front of you you see a warm glow developing behind the trees, as the sun starts its daily journey upwards.

The sky is clear but still dark grey, a remnant of the night which will gradually change to a vivid blue as the sun rises.

Stepping outside your door , the frost crunches gently under each step. You take a deep breath to invite the cold air into your lungs. The air smells and feels cold, fresh and clean.  Almost clinically clean. You’re cold, but you start to feel refreshed as you walk towards the sun, taking deep cold and refreshing breaths.

After a walk, you return to your home. As you unlock the door and walk in, you’re hit by a wave of warm air, welcoming you inside.

Take a few moments to appreciate how lucky you are to have a place of shelter from the cold outside, and be grateful that you have the money to buy warm clothes to protect you when you go outside.

It’s amazing everyday!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash



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