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    Better Communication

    Three Little Words

    It seems to be getting worse: positions are becoming more entrenched and polarised. We’re either on this side or that side. We can’t be in the middle anymore. We can’t be undecided, or open to change. And with that comes arguments, disagreements, falling out. Recently I’ve heard about family members who’ve fallen out over their beliefs around covid: mask wearing, lockdowns and vaccines. Before that it was family members, friend and colleagues taking sides and falling out over Brexit. And immigration. And politics, of course. How can we stop this in our own lives? It is easy to get fixed in your opinion (because it is the right one after all…

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    Better Communication

    If You Can’t Say Something Nice

    A very wise rabbit (yes, a rabbit: Thumper in the film Bambi) once said If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. To be fair he wasn’t that wise because he’s just an animated cartoon rabbit and his grammar certainly wasn’t up to much, but his intent was solid. We all talk or gossip about other people. It’s human nature. But it can cause issues of which we’re often not aware. So how about setting ourselves a new, higher standard – That we won’t gossip, or repeat gossip; We won’t say anything that reduces someone else and their chance of being whatever they want to be. So you…

  • Be More Positive

    Drains and Radiators

    This is a concept I was introduced to many years ago.  The idea is that people generally fall into two camps: drains or radiators. DRAINS are the people who sap the energy out of you. They’re negative and self-absorbed. When you try to be upbeat or positive, they are quick to knock you back down and to discourage you. If you come up with an idea they’ll tell you it can’t be done. Can’t be changed. No point even trying.  They see clouds in every silver lining.  And they’ll leave you feeling tired – drained of energy and motivation. A drain has the power to bring everyone around them down. RADIATORS…

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    Everyday Amazing

    Everyday Amazing: Forest Bathing part 2

    What if you don’t live near a forest or wooded area? Can you still get the benefits of forest bathing? Yes you can! If you have a park nearby or a home garden, spend a few minutes or more there every day. Get as close as you can to the plants. See them up close, looking at the shape, colour, design of their leaves and their branches. Touch them. Smell them. Hug a tree (maybe wait until there’s no one watching to do that!) Inhale near to the plants (plants give off oxygen) and exhale at the plants (plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis – so it’s a win-win here) No…

  • Everyday Amazing

    Everyday Amazing: Forest Bathing part 1

    A walk in the woods in a great way to end a stressful day. Following a path through the trees, you hear birds calling to each other; rustling as squirrels dart from tree to tree; see sunlight peeping through the leaves at you; and as you take a deep breath you inhale the earthy green scent of trees, plants and moss. Your heartbeat slows and the busy thoughts in your head become less frantic and appear less important at this moment in time. The Japanese have a name for it. Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is based on our human need to be in nature. Research has shown that our nervous systems…

  • Be More Mindful,  Everyday Amazing

    Everyday Amazing: Grand Canyon Focus

    Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It’s awe-inspiring: a real visual feast. And one of the things that amazed me most was how close you can go to the edge. You can stand on the edge. Dangle your toes over the edge. Lean forward and look over the edge, to see the deep and steep drop down. Scary, even if you’re not afraid of heights.But imagine the focus you have standing on that edge. The concentration on not leaning forward too much, not overbalancing, not moving your feet an inch forward. The concentration of that very moment. And that moment alone.Now imagine bringing that intense focus to something that you’re doing.…

  • Be More Positive,  Be More Resilient

    Other People’s Problems

    Are you surrounded by people who share their problems with you? I used to be. I was always offering to help others. Even if they didn’t ask outright. If they told me their problem, they needed help, right? Someone needs information? Hold on, let me google that for you. Someone needs to unburden themselves?  Here are my ears, I’m listening. Someone needs help with thinking something through? Use my brain, don’t trouble yourself.  Someone needs to know how to do something? Let me research it and I’ll tell you. Want some free advice?   Here it is, don’t pay me, it’s a pleasure to help. In some ways, I enjoyed the role. …