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    Be More Positive,  Better Communication

    Our Greatest Addiction

    What is our greatest addiction? Asking this question gets you a variety of answers. Many people say coffee, or sugar, or drugs. Alcohol, TV or social media. And of course they can all be damaging addictions. But one addiction that flies under most people’s radars, and one of the most damaging for our mental health, is a having a negative perspective in life. Talking about our problems all the time. Let’s be honest, we all do it. It often seems it’s easier to focus on the negative and what is or has gone wrong, than to talk about the things that are right in our lives. Why do we do it?…

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    Better Communication

    If You Can’t Say Something Nice

    A very wise rabbit (yes, a rabbit: Thumper in the film Bambi) once said If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. To be fair he wasn’t that wise because he’s just an animated cartoon rabbit and his grammar certainly wasn’t up to much, but his intent was solid. We all talk or gossip about other people. It’s human nature. But it can cause issues of which we’re often not aware. So how about setting ourselves a new, higher standard – That we won’t gossip, or repeat gossip; We won’t say anything that reduces someone else and their chance of being whatever they want to be. So you…

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    Put Your Foot In It

    When we’re trying to gauge someone’s interest in our conversation, we look at their faces. Are they looking at us when we’re talking? This can be a good sign. But then some people find it difficult, so their eyes wander. They may love the conversation, but they’re just not showing that with eye contact. Are they covering a yawn or giving big sighs? That can be a sign that they’re bored, but it may just be that they’re tired, and it’s nothing to do with you or what you’re talking about. Here’s another way to find out if someone is interested in what you’re saying. Look at their feet. Feet don’t…

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    They Make Me So Angry….

    Do you often find yourself getting angry with others – at what they say, what they do; or at what they don’t say or don’t do? You’re not alone. If you’ve been like this for a long time,  you’re probably an expert in finding things to be angry about. You’re waiting for it. Sometimes you intentionally provoke it.  And maybe sometimes the circle turns inward and you get angry at yourself for getting so angry at others.   Have I just described you?   Well, hello there. Time for a wake up call. No-one makes you angry. No one makes you feel any emotion.  You choose to get annoyed or angry or frustrated…