Send An Email Every Friday Afternoon To Yourself

I had an idea suggested to me a few months ago, and have been testing it every week. The idea is that on a Friday afternoon (or whatever your last day at work for the week is), you send an email to yourself, with a quick run down of what you’ve achieved that week.

You don’t have to get bogged down in detail: the aim isn’t to write everything down, but to write down your wins, what you’ve learned, and any new ideas that you thought of or came across that may help you in the future. It’s an interesting process to go through: making you consider what you’ve done well, what you’ve learned, and the changes you can bring about in the future because of your new ideas and your learning.

Sometimes you’ll have a list of 10 or more wins to put on the list; sometimes you may have only 1. it’s the process, not the number of items on your list, that count.

It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work, because not only are you remembering the successes, but you’re giving your brain something to work on in the next weeks and months.



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